The Midlands Jester - Jesters & Fire Performer

The Midlands Jester is a retired Royal Marine Commando and after retiring from the military, he decided to re-train into a field which is a lot more fun.

The Midlands Jester is now an accomplished historical jester offering a variety of entertainment deals and packages, and his main time periods are the 12th-15th century but can also offer earlier or later periods upon request. 

He typically offer 25-30 minutes shows and walkabout 'mix and mingle' for events, with a huge variety of performance types including:

  • Juggling
  • Fire juggling
  • Fire breathing
  • Fire eating
  • Diablo
  • Rolla bolla (and many more)

The Midlands Jester's shows offer exceptional guest interaction across a wide spectrum of audiences and really are something for all of the family. 

In addition to this, he also offers walkabout on stilts, juggling and clowning around with props. 


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