Kora Players

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We have some of the most talented Kora players in the UK ready to wow audiences with this historic and traditional instrument from West Africa. Our Kora players have many years experience performing in prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and St James’ Palace. They have also worked with The Royal Shakespeare Company on an African Inspired version on Julius Caesar.

The Kora is a beautiful sounding West African harp with 21 strings made from made from a large calabash and cow skin and is part of the the family of bridge harps or harp-lutes. It's the highest developed string instrument from Africa. The construction of the instrument as well as the music produced is very unique. The Kora is found in all Mande cultures. The Kora has a centuries-old tradition and has been played at royal courts, where the musicians and griots belonged to the personnel. The Kora was mentioned in 1799 for the first time in literature by Mungo Park in Travels in the interior districts of West Africa. The playing style resembles the fingerpicking blues guitar, the placement of the strings allows for the playing of chords and harmonies which creates mystical and unique melodies.

Kora players traditionally come from “griot” families and the instrument has been made famous throughout the world by players including Toumani Diabate, Ballake Sissoko and Foday Musa Suso.

The Kora is perfect for creating a background ambience that is both unusual and beautifully melodic.


  • Jake Dower

    Kora Player
    This Bristol Kora player performs beautiful Kora music from Africa - available for weddings and events.
    Price from £375
     (Based in Bristol)
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  • The Brighton Kora Player

    Kora Player
    The Brighton Kora Player and singer specialises in the West African kora, who makes, repairs and performs as well as teaching the Kora.
    Price from £525
     (Based in East Sussex)
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  • The London Kora Player

    Kora Player
    This Kora player and musician is based in London and performs original music inspired by the West African griot repertoire - available for all types of events.
    Price from £575
     (Based in Greater London)
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