The Immersive Medieval Experience - Medieval Encampment

Looking for an immersive medieval experience? This act comprises of a jester and circus skills practitioner with 3 themed tents - perfect for medieval fayres and events.

This highly experienced jester can provide you with so much more than just jester antics and skills. His authentic medieval experience and encampment comprises of 3 or 4 period tents of various shapes and sizes and all the paraphernalia you’d expect to find in a jester’s camp. This not only makes an excellent back drop for his shows, but also adds to the public’s suspension of disbelief, and is manned (or should that read “womaned”) by his long suffering wife and fellow fool.

His wife started out in re-enactment, performing as a lady and archer for the Medieval Combat Society, but soon discovered that jestering was loads more fun.

You’ll find her cooking a medieval meal on their medieval fire box, sharing her in-depth knowledge of day to day life in times of old with interested members of the public, or practicing many ladies crafts such as embroidery, weaving and working her loom (all of which the public are welcome to try and of great interest to the ladies).
Often stopping to perform impromptu shows with some of her renowned “DRAGON MAGIC”, just for you and your children (a nice personal touch that leaves both children and parents feeling that your event put on a special performance, JUST FOR THEM).

And as if that isn’t enough, the medieval experience can even include a circus workshop so that everyone (even the children) can learn the tricks of the trade.

Both performers are fully D.B.S. checked, means that it’s not just the adults, but also the children, who can enjoy learning to juggle, devilstick, plate spin and much, much more. 

Where practical (and with your approval), our 4 children, aged 14 down to 7 also attend and take part in the medieval experience. They have grown up on the medieval and show circuits and love attending the festivals as it gives them the chance to dress up and help their mother to teach. This year they’ve even started having comic walk on parts in the show, and what can be more authentic than children working and following in their parents’ footsteps?

Total Immersion

We call this package “total immersion” as we honestly believe that the unique combination of jesters, their encampment and the jester school will totally immerse  the public into the life of a medieval jester, and leave them talking to friends and family about how YOUR EVENT took them back in time to days of old. Not only do we firmly believe this, but judging by the amount of repeat bookings this act gets, some of which go back over 20 years, so do your competitors.


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The Immersive Medieval Experience - Medieval Encampment Feedback

A great performer, very approachable, well loved on the medieval circuit and certainly enhanced our event Arrived on time and went straight into character. Will definitely be at the top of the list next time.

Roger Crouch, Bexhill on Sea, Bexhill Medieval Pageant (May 2023)

The Immersive Medieval Experience - Medieval Encampment Videos