Dominique - French Singer

Looking for a French singer in Yorkshire? Dominique specialises in beautiful French Chansons and jazz standards with a little swing thrown in! She creates a wonderful cabaret atmosphere, celebrating the French Chanson and also goes back in time to Berlin in the 1920's. 

Costumes and feather boas play a big part in the show and she will engage the audience and always welcomes dancing. Her performances finish with a lovely sing along, everyone leaving on a high.

Our French singer Dominique has the pleasure of singing with some top pianists and as well as the as the above show, they can provide background music including jazz standards for any event.

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Dominique - French Singer Repertoire

SET I  (7.15- 7.50) 40 mins

  • Piano selection ending with La Marseillaise
  • C’est si bon (Ebmaj)  
  • Je Vole
  • Summertime 
  • Domino
  • Autumn Leaves BbM
  • (Tango) Piano solo...
  • That’s Life C 
  • Perhaps Bbm
  • My Baby just cares for me (C)
  • A Paris dans chaque faubourg (C)
  • La Vie en Rose F 
  • La Foule 

Set II  (8.30 – 9.15pm)

  • Wilkommen (D)
  • Cabaret 
  • Aufwiedersehen mein herr (Cm > C#m > D)
  •  La Mer (D) (Rumba beat) 
  • Milord Db

 Introduce the guests Musicians!

  • You Let me down (Dm) (All: Db, V, Sx)
  • East of the Sun (D) – All) verse-solo-verse - slow ending
  • Solo - Chu Chu Cha Boogie  All 
  • Shimmy Eb All
  • Chickens  (G) All 
  • Why don’t you do right All
  • Alright ok you win! (C) (solo, mid 8) All
  • Accentuate the Positive (C) All 

Finale Set (9.45 - 10pm)

  • Stop Drinking (Db) 
  • No regrets Ab 
  • Those were the days Dm   All
  • I Love Paris Cm  All

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