Duo Italiano - Italian Duo

This Italian music duo are perfect for any event looking for authentic Italian music - they have lots of experience performing at weddings, parties and Italian themed events at golf clubs, hotels and restaurants.

They can play classic Neapolitan music and Italian American tunes as in the film The Godfather.

The duo can be booked acoustic or amplified in these combinations:

  • Accordion & Mandolin (always amplified)
  • Accordion & Violin
  • Accordion & Trumpet

They really enjoy playing for any occasion where authentic Italian music is required. They can lead a wedding procession from the church to the reception venue playing uplifting Italian music without getting lost on the way. They can also stroll around and interact with your guests.

They have been hired by Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz to name a few corporate clients and have had the pleasure of playing at many wonderful parties and for beautiful weddings. They have also played on the Orient Express.

The accordionist is also available as a soloist and as a French Live Duo

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Duo Italiano - Italian Duo Repertoire

Our repertoire includes:

  • The Godfather
  • Tarrantella
  • That's Amore

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