The Marie Cortez Trio - Spanish Coplas Trio

This fresh and vibrant ensemble brings new life to traditional and folk music of Spain and Latin America with 2 guitars and voilin. They try to present the music with honesty, hoping to capture the stories that are told in each song. Their repertoire has a long-standing value through more than fifty years. When they perform together, they try to live the narrative through the music, being as sincere and authentic as possible.
They believe that these songs carry universal aspects of the human being.
They focus particularly on a form of traditional Spanish music called Coplas. Outside of Spain this form of music is not known, but within Spain it carries a large significance. They reflect the passion and dreams of the Spanish people after the Spanish Civil War (1940s), during the dictatorship. When they rehearse and perform, they try to approach these ideals through their personal stance, which is used in the arranging process.

Past performances include:

  • Festivals including ILAMS London Classical Guitar Festival
  • Jewish Book Week Festival
  • City of London Festival
  • Bolivar Hall
  • Ronnie Scott’s
  • The Forge & Bishopsgate Institute

This guitarist can also be booked as a soloist and in other ensembles:

Duo Musica Guitar & Violin

Marie Cortez Solo Guitarist

Duo Musica Guitar & Flute

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The Marie Cortez Trio - Spanish Coplas Trio Repertoire

Spanish traditional genre Coplas, other Spanish traditional genres, Latin traditional music, and arrangements from classical tradition with inspiration on popular music including:

  • Los Piconeros - Ojos Verdes
  • El Paño Moruno - Lágrimas Negras
  • Tatuaje - Nana  
  • Nana de Sevilla - La Llorona
  • Volver - El Cuarto de Tula
  • Y Sin Embargo te Quiero - La Farsa Monea
  • Candela

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