Musical Mind - Asian Guitar & Vocalist

Looking for a Bollywood singer guitarist for your wedding or special event? This Asian Guitar & Vocalist will wow your guests with sparkling melodies and sleek, danceable grooves.

Born and brought up in Lahore and London, he has not only written, composed, and co-produced his own music, but also for other artists spanning a range of genres, including upcoming singers from Punjab, Amritsar and London.

His perfect pitch means he is often distracted by identifying the notes sounded by passing car horns and leaf-blowers, and he began playing guitar at the age of 13.

He attended both the Punjab University College of Art and Design, Lahore, where he graduated in Graphic Design, and Goldsmiths College of Music, London, where he majored in music production.

You can book him as a Pakistani Guitar Vocalist or as a solo Bollywood singer, with backing tracks or live guitar jams. He’s comfortable singing in all musical genres and languages such as Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, English, Arabic, Folk, Sufi, Bollywood classics.

His versatile voice in combination with great personality makes him very unique. Keeping the highest standards of professionalism make him suited for prestigious weddings, Corporate events, Mehfil nights, and birthdays.

Performance times can be agreed depending on the event requirements, but the basic package will include 1hr 30min of performance. 

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