Walkabout Asian Elephants - Walkabout Act

Looking for some unusual Asian Entertainment? These amazing Walkabout Asian Elephants will add the wow-factor to your Asian wedding or Bollywood themed event!

Guide price is for 1 elephant which comes with 2 performers, one to guide the elephant and the other is a stilt walker moving inside the elephant.

(this act is VAT registered and the guide price reflects this)

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Walkabout Asian Elephants - Walkabout Act Feedback

They were great ! Everyone was surprised to see this ...created a fantastic atmosphere to the entrance - thank you !

Rupen Dhamecha, , (June 2021)

Walkabout Asian Elephants - Walkabout Act Set Up

Tech Spec for 1 Elephant Stilt Walker and 1 Ground Based 

Performer/ Tech Asst

  • Elephant length - approx 3 metres
  • Maximum width from ear to ear of Elephant - 185cm (ears can move)
  • Height from floor to top of Elephants back - 180cm
  • Height from floor to shoulder of stilt walker - 230cm
  • Maximum height (floor to top of stilt walkers costume) - approx 3 metres


Arrival Time 

In order to allow adequate time to be set for ?rst performance, we need to arrive 2 hours 30mins in advance of the first set. This does include time for parking, access and location of the changing/build area. We prefer these details to be provided prior to the date of event.


Changing/Build Area

The changing / build area should be located on the same ?oor and in close proximity to the performance area. If that is not possible, there should be a goods lift minimum of 3 metres x 3 metres to take performers to the performance area. Please note, the route from changing area to performance area must be double width to allow for the Elephant to pass without obstacle. The floor must be flat with no stairs although slightly sloped floor may be manageable. 

We require a minimum of 4 metres x 4 metres clear space with a height clearance of 3 metres for the build of the costume. This area should be secure and away from the public / guests. The build time for the costume is approximately 1 hour 20 mins. If a suitable build space is not available, we may be able to provide a gazebo for the build – this will be depend on the space available.

Immediately prior to set, the stilt performer requires 10 - 15 mins to get in to Elephant and performance costume.


Performance Area

  • The changing area must be within close proximity to the performance area. 
  • Please be aware that the performance set will start when the Elephant leaves the changing area, due to the size of the costume the Elephant moves at a sedate pace. 
  • The Elephants are best suited for Meet and Greet or Mix and Mingle in an open space. Due to the speed of the Elephant it is not suitable for parades, please contact us about this. 
  • The performance area ground needs to be ?at, even and with out obstacles or steps. 
  • Performance area must be no smaller than 5 metre x 5 metres
  • Performance sets are 30 mins and there must be a minimum of 30 mins in between sets.


Note: In cases of wet weather and winds / gusts over 20mph the Elephant will be unable to perform out side. 

Walkabout Asian Elephants - Walkabout Act Videos