The Ukulele Player - Ukulele Player

The Ukulele Player is a highly skilled player who can really play any style of music. Anything from Classical to Pop, Jazz to film themes is possible on this tiny instrument. He is available for private and public events.  

The Ukulele Player is a virtuoso performer on the ukulele - and banjo (see Banjo Player link below), a combination of the two is also available. Performances can be either solo or with accompanist. He has performed everywhere from village halls to the Albert Hall and is eminently adaptable. Virtuosic and versatile !

Requests for particular music are welcomed – and fulfilled if at all possible If it can be done on a ukulele, he can do it !

The self-contained nature of the act means it can work in quite small venues but amplification can be used if required.

"I have seen this man do it live. He is incredible. Catch him if you can" Simon Prager

"THE real master of the ukulele" Mike Piggott

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