The Yorkshire Belly Dancer - Belly Dancer

Looking for a Belly Dancer in Yorkshire? This dancer hails from Greece and works all over the UK having mastered different dancing styles from around the globe. 
A typical performance is 45 minutes and this is usually broken up into 3 sets of 15 minutes. 

"My first steps in dancing were started when I was 6 years old in ballet. I was very excited and eager to follow the rules of specific posture, movements and face expressions in lessons and performances. I gained the grade of highly commended Honours in the examinations.

The public used to call me butterfly! After 4 years, I stopped and I was attending the conservatoire playing classical guitar as my main instrument, doing musical theory and being a member in the choir. When I was a final year student in the university I continued with dancing, but with another type this time; latin, tango, salsa. I had fun and different experiences dancing with different partners. Parties, performances, competitions are still fulfilling some of my time. 

Belly dance came up later in my life, when I was curious to try also this kind of dance despite the fact, there was a common misunderstanding about its supposed provocative style. The advantage is in contrast with the duet dances, that you do not depend on your partner, so you can practise alone using also many kinds of prompts. This year I had the chance to use a studio in Leeds university union, so I used my fantasy to create the choreographies of different styles of songs that are appealing to me."

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The Yorkshire Belly Dancer - Belly Dancer Repertoire

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