Antonio Antonevris - Contemporary Violinist

This London solo violinist is predominantly a live performer and has established himself as one of the most active contemporary-style events violinists in the UK. He is a busy self-styled musician who performs regularly for a range of weddings, corporate events, restaurants, and private parties. As well as performing as a freelance solo artist, He is an established member of a fantastic Greek Wedding Band, and regularly works alongside professional, experienced and versatile musicians.

He majored in violin performance, passing with distinction at Middlesex University in 2001. Within his second year, he was the principal violinist of the university orchestra. Always having a passion for the instrument, he previously attended the London Guildhall University and trained as a violin maker in 1998.

With a diverse interest and education in music, he has never limited himself to conventional repertoire and playing styles. He has always had an interest in current music and strived to explore boundaries with the electric violin. Having owned a number of electric instruments over the years a custom made five-string Violectra by David Bruce Johnson is now the instrument of choice. Many of his musical influences derive from the experience of working alongside entertaining and accomplished musicians and artists of different styles and genres.

He has also worked with young people for many years teaching a range of music and music technology. He often provides performance opportunities, courses and has on occasions helped young people make life-enhancing steps in music education with scholarships across a range of high profile institutions.

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Antonio Antonevris - Contemporary Violinist Repertoire

A mix of Pop, Jazz, Classics, World and Greek

Antonio Antonevris - Contemporary Violinist Feedback

He performed at my wedding and many of my family and friends’ weddings. He is untouchable on the violin and a true gentleman!

Paris Steven,

He is brilliant at what he does, he performed at my own wedding and at our our clients weddings and everyone always says how great he is. He is professional and entertains the crowd, we highly recommend Georgio

Marilyns Wedding Planners,

His talent never ceases to amaze me – he is so versatile from contemporary to traditional to classical. I have heard him play at various venues and its always a delight. Carrying on doing what you are doing George – fantastic!

Mary L,

He put together a marvelous compilation for our horse to perform a dressage test to music at an international competition. Despite knowing nothing about horses, he quickly picked up exactly what was required. I rode the horse whilst he played some pieces of music, adjusting tempo and arrangements to suit. He then recorded it all onto a CD in his studio. The quality of the recording was outstanding and we were 2nd in the competition, with the judges giving 9 out of 10 for our music. Thank you! Your introduction to horses was a very happy and successful one!

Claire Moir, Dressage Freestyle to music recording,

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