The Fado Duo - Portuguese Fado Duo

This Fado duo perform a mixture of traditional Portuguese guitar music including Fado songs from the port districts of Lisbon such as Alfama, Mouraria and Bairro Alto.These songs have been immortalised by great singers like Alfredo Marceneiro, Amalia Rodrigues and Herminia Silva.

After much research into the genre they have also included songs from Coimbra in the tradition of Artur Paredes and Carlos Paredes.

They try to not only keep with the traditional but also add newer compositions by Portugueses performers including Madredeus, Mariza, Camane and Antonio Zambujo.

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The Fado Duo - Portuguese Fado Duo Repertoire

  • Cancao do Mar
  • Canto o Fado
  • Cartas de Amor
  • A Tendinha
  • Ases Sobre o Mundo
  • Lisboa a Noite
  • Fado da Carta
  • Fado da Sina
  • Fado de Santa Clara
  • Igreja de Santa Clara
  • Feiticeira
  • Fado de Santa Cruz
  • Alcobaca
  • Fado das Caldas
  • Lisboa Antiga
  • Lisboa Menina e Moca
  • Fado do Marialva
  • A meita noite ao luar
  • Confesso
  • E’Loucura
  • Maria de Cruz
  • Valsa
  • Vou dar de beber a dor

The Fado Duo - Portuguese Fado Duo Feedback

Very professional and helpful. Music and ambiance was a great match for our event. Overall incredible!

Anastasia Georgiou, Club Health, London (October 2022)

The Fado Duo - Portuguese Fado Duo Videos