The Midlands Bollywood Piano Player - Bollywood Pianist

This Bollywood pianist has been working in the Bhangra Music Industry for over 2 decades and started out by accompanying his father to shows across the country at a very young age. His Father is one of the pioneers of the Bhangra Industry having released his first album in the late 1960′s with his band Anari Sangeet Party. They have had many hits like “Lus Lus” and “Tere Tekeh Thoh” amongst others and he would sit playing the Tambourine at shows until he eventually found the right instrument for him, the piano.

He then joined a band at school in Birmingham going by the name of Kala Naag which soon turned into one of the brightest young bands in the industry. At the age of 16 he joined a band called Sat Rang that would propel and showcase his talents to a global audience.

During these years he learned from some of the most talented singers and musicians in the Bhangra industry before eventually being asked to join one of the biggest Bhangra bands globally – DCS. He has now been with DCS for nearly 20 years and he has performed at venues in Malaysia, Singapore, America, Canada and across Europe.

Wedding Packages:

Entrance Package
Performing in the Foyer or reception area of your chosen venue where your guests will enter to the sound of beautiful piano music where they will meet other guests, friends and family whilst enjoying pre-reception refreshments.

Arena Package
Setting up in the main area of your venue where your guests will get the chance to hear music whilst they enjoy their starters/await your arrival or just simply relax in the ambiance of your venue.

Stage Package
Setting up on the Main stage and performing until your reception truly gets under way.

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The Midlands Bollywood Piano Player - Bollywood Pianist Feedback

We were extremely happy - his performance was mind blowing.

Jabeana Mira, Birmingham, (July 2021)

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