Ricardo - Latin Singer / Guitarist

This singer & guitarist has a solid repertoire of Latin standards and also performs his own original Latin and flamenco pieces - perfect for upbeat party music. He sings in Spanish, English and French. His music is full of joy, sunshine, meaning and danceable rhythms.

He began his young musical career playing piano and trumpet, before moving over to the electric guitar as a teenager. It was the sound, feel and honesty of the nylon string guitar that stole his heart. He was mentored for many years in his mother’s hometown, Madrid by one of Spain’s leading flamenco masters, El Entri and made a film about him in 2004.

In recent years he has combined his guitar and voice with diatonic harmonicas bringing a whole new palette of colour to his music. The use of harmonicas with an already unique rhythmic, powerful guitar style and singing voice makes him a veritable one-man orchestra.

He is the lead singer, songwriter, guitar and harmonica player in a lively and successful Latin band. The band have played all over the world including, Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Dubai, Germany, Holland, Malaysia and China. He has recorded several albums, composed and recorded with the great Cuban rumba master Chaguito and the late Mequiades Fundora in Havana, Cuba.

His music has appeared in films, on radio and TV. He teaches songwriting and composition at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham and composes and performs shows for young people. He works with people of all ages and cultures, from very young children to elders, bringing joy, empowerment and involvement through his music. His musical mission is to bring people together, to make people dance and move people through song. 

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Ricardo - Latin Singer / Guitarist Repertoire

Latin Covers

  • En México - Cumbia
  • Mochilón - Cumbia
  • No Me Llores - Son
  • Guantanamera - Son
  • Chan Chan - Son
  • Guajira - Guajira
  • Tiburón - Cumbia
  • La Bamba
  • Oye Como Va
  • El Cuarto De Tula
  • Bamboleo
  • Los Peces En El Rio - Rumba
  • Suavecito - Boogaloo
  • Volando Voy - Rumba
  • Siento - Rumba
  • Canción Mixteca – Mexican Ballad
  • Feliz Navidad – Latin Carol
  • Gracias A La Vida - Ballad
  • Adiós Mama – Cumbia
  • Put Me In Jail - Boogaloo

Original Songs

  • Por Que - Guajira
  • Respétame - Afrobeat
  • Agárrate - Guajra
  • Mendigo - Salsa
  • La Miel - Bossanova
  • Marinero - Waltz
  • Agua – Reggae/Cumbia
  • Zapatero - Cumbia
  • Juana - Cumbia
  • Palabras - Rumba
  • Bosque De La Rumba - Rumba
  • Que Me Voy – Reggae/Cumbia
  • Carlos Y María – Rumba/Salsa
  • De Que Color - Salsa
  • La Envidia – Rumba/Salsa
  • Mira Mira – Rumba/Salsa
  • Amiguito - Bossanova
  • La Voz – Latin/Celtic
  • Mujer De La Luna - Flamenco
  • Por Ella - Ska
  • Madre Selva - Rumba
  • La Bala - Afrobeat
  • Ojala - Flamenco
  • Cántame – Rumba/Salsa
  • Did She Pass This Way – Cumbia
  • Calles De Altea - Guajira

Covers In English

  • All Along The Watchtower
  • You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome
  • Summertime
  • How Deep Is Your Love
  • Three Little Birds
  • Waiting In Vain
  • Crazy Baldhead
  • Crisis



Ricardo - Latin Singer / Guitarist Feedback

The performance was exactly what we hoped for. He created a fantastic atmosphere from mellow, laid back sounds to a rousing passionate performance that got everyone on the dance floor. Thank you! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.


It is my pleasure to write you a positive statement. We had a lovely time enjoying your wonderful music. We could have listened to at least another hour of your playing. One of your clients gave you ten stars rating and I can easily double that. It is not only the music but your polite and welcoming professionalism gave us the ease of communicating. Please keep up the good work and best of luck for the future.

H.G. Naoum,

He is not only a highly skilled musician but also an excellent communicator whose ability to engage, enthuse and transfer the value of music is second to none

Eva Vicente,

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