Mark Winton - Close up Magician

If you want to guarantee the exceptional entertainment of your guests with a mix of magic, pickpocketing and wit, he will bring a lot of laughter to your event, and help ensure it is one that your guests will remember.

He is a full-time professional close-up magician and pickpocket. He will entertain your guests with amazing sleight of hand magic, surprise them with his unique pickpocketing skills (he can even steal someone’s tie and put it on himself without them knowing!), and – he is guaranteed to get everyone laughing as he does it. From an intimate private function to a corporate audience of hundreds, you can be certain that the entertainment of your guests is in good hands.

He has appeared on TV in the UK and abroad, performed for Royalty, celebrities, premiership footballers and top businessmen, been flown to events in Monte Carlo, Dubai, Qatar, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Berlin, Jersey, Le Touquet etc., entertained aboard cruise ships and at the famous Magic Circle, and he has promoted companies and their products at Trade Shows throughout Europe and the UK. He has also been the resident magician at Manchester United since 2000. An unusual career choice for a graduate in Law with an MBA.

His close-up wedding magic can be an ideal element for any wedding, his entertainment being a truly magical part of the day: setting guests at ease, whilst helping to create a fun atmosphere, and bringing something a little unusual and very memorable to the occasion. In terms of the social dynamics he helps to fill any gaps in the day (planned or unplanned!), and is the perfect ice-breaker, bringing laughter and amazement to your guests of all ages.


A full evening’s entertainment that’s ideal for a dinner with even just one table of guests.

Your guests will be surprised by the unusual service that this magician (disguised as a waiter) provides. He subtly introduces a plausible yet eccentric combination of “Fawlty Towers” service and bumbling waitering that is guaranteed to get the guests talking. He bemuses guests with his harmless antics, and to their amusement introduces his amateur magical skills. These turn out to be peculiarly proficient, actually quite magical, and get everyone laughing.

As dinner draws to a close and the coffee is served your guests will be most surprised to see their waiter is actually the after-dinner entertainment, and even more so when he starts by returning many of their belongings! (recently he started an after-dinner show by returning 4 watches, a phone, a pair of glasses and 2 ties – and he had returned numerous items already during the dinner!) His comedy and pickpocketing show then tops off dinner, making it a very unusual evening, full of entertainment, and an event that guests will laugh and talk about for a long time to come.

Incidentally, he has even been booked by a company who heard the laughter from the room he was performing in. He even offers a money back guarantee if you aren’t thoroughly entertained.

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Mark Winton - Close up Magician Feedback

You beauty! Have spoken to Aviva. Sounds like you stole the show! Well done, congratulations and thanks for all that!


The feedback from my colleagues has been that this Magician was astounding

Debbie Young, Group Finance, British Telecom,

I've seen lots of magicians and you are the best I have seen, because of the rapport you have with the people

Faye Dawson, Pfizer,

The recommendation to employ this act for the evening was inspired.

Sarah Pengelly, , Slumberland plc

The magician that we hired for the event was FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT. I have been inundated with people wanting to give him praise. His magic tricks were incredible, really left people sitting open mouthed, wondering how did he do that? His character and personality was perfect, he fitted in really well, he was funny and entertaining. Would loved to have seen more of him, having said that he did very well splitting his time between everyone throughout the night, and no repeat tricks!! I would strongly recommend him to anyone.


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