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Hire our Murder Mystery Team to provide a unique immersive and interactive murder mystery experience for your event. The Murder Mystery Team have been responsible for such 'murders' since 1987, staging events for clients including the James Bond stunt team at Pinewood Studios and on HMS Sultan for The Royal Navy.

Guide price is based on a small team in the West Yorkshire area.

Your Murder Mystery will be individually tailored to suit your needs - all we recommend is that an event last approximately two and a half hours, ideally over a meal/buffet - but that is entirely up to you (events can be daytime or evening).

Guests are able to observe and personally interrogate all of the suspects to their hearts desire. The event is totally interactive, yet the guests are not required to 'role-play', thus the level of involvement is up to the individual - we have found that some guests will pursue the suspects throughout the dining room, writing down their every word, whilst others prefer to observe the action from a discrete distance, making note of whispered blackmail threats, etc. This sets us apart from the many cheap companies that have sprung up since we set up in 1987, who keep their costs down by forcing the guests to play the characters, or alternatively act out little plays or 'comedy/singalong murders' between courses!

Your WhoDunnit would be based around a fictitious event that causes the 'suspects' and guests to be at your chosen venue. As the event unfolds, arguments and threats will be observed which will be the prelude to murder... Guests are encouraged to follow, eavesdrop and question the characters, and an intriguing array of visual clues will be displayed in the function room (now transformed into a major incident room). These usually consist of blackmail notes, love letters, burnt documents, financial transactions, etc, and will be continually updated as more evidence surrounding the murders is unearthed. Each table will act as a detection team. At the conclusion of the event the investigating officer will ask the groups to reform, reach a majority verdict, elect a spokesperson and sum up their case...  

The price above includes a host or plain clothes policeman, but they've actually just gone into partnership with the company that supplies all the uniformed police officers to pretty much every TV show in the UK - Happy Valley, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, Spooks, etc. Depending on your budget you may wish to book extra officers for extra realism! Imagine uniformed officers marching into your function room! They even have working bodycams attached to their stabvests (!) so you can also have and keep a video of the whole event afterwards! These officers are offered as a 'bolt on' price  which is dependent on travelling distance from West Yorkshire if they're available and not filming. (You can book one or two if you wish, and they are of course a wonderful photo opportunity at the end of the event if you wish to see any of your friends/colleagues etc in handcuffs!) 


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