The Mobile Pizza Van - Pizza Van

Are you looking for a mobile pizza van for events? This mobile pizza van is available for weddings, parties and special events and uniquely can really cater for all your friends dietary requirements!

Whether your guests are vegetarians, vegans, gluten free or carnivores this pizza van can cater for all your needs!

The van has 4 separate independent ovens and separate dedicated food prep areas to make sure your vegetarians stay meat free, your vegans stay cheese and meat free and your gluten-free friends stay gluten free!

The 4 independent high temperature copper ovens cook a pizza in 90 seconds.

As there is a lot of time involved to set up the mobile Pizza Van we have a minimum pre-paid charge of £977 which includes 50 x 12” pizzas, at least 2 staff, cooking for up to 2 and a half hours and transport costs within a 20 mile radius. Further pizzas can be pre-ordered at £8 per pizza.

True authentic Neapolitan pizzas have a tender, pillowy bottom with big fragrant holes in the dough after cooking very quickly over extremely high heat. When cut, it is pliable and bends easily under the weight of toppings.

You can choose up to 4 different flavoured pizzas from our menu, or we will happily create bespoke toppings using your ingredients of choice. On your big day we’ll fire up the oven and get cooking. We’ll serve the pizzas buffet-style, and will keep bringing them out to you and your guests at a pace that suits the mood. This allows everyone to enjoy the theatre of live cooking in their own time. We also offer a selection of tasty salads, extras and desserts to compliment the pizzas.

We can supply a selection of salads, olives etc and can provide you with a bespoke price once we know exactly what tasty extras you require.

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