Sussex Oompah Band - Oompah Band

This Sussex Oompah Band play traditional drinking songs interspersed with German Oompah music, waltzes and Polkas.

Fantastic for Oktoberfest parties, Bierkellers and Bavarian themed parties.

A front person will teach the audience the toast Ein Prosit and help create the Oktoberfest experience. 

Later sets include pop anthems for the audience to exercise their vocal talents.

The Sussex Oompah Band do not have their own PA system.

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Sussex Oompah Band - Oompah Band Repertoire

20 mins Set

  • Gourmand Polka
  • Die Lorelie
  • Öffnen Der Fäschen
  • Haben Manche Schnapps
  • Ein Prosit
  • In Müchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus
  • Stoaröserl
  • Ein Prosit

20 mins finalé

  • Ein Prosit
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Delilah
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Ein Prosit
  • We are the Champions


Sussex Oompah Band - Oompah Band Feedback

Fantastic night had by all! Many thanks again :)

Hannah Davidson, (October 2019)

Great night. I always want you guys for Oompah

Anon, Plymouth Oktoberfest at the Treasury

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