The Cossack Dancers - Cossack Themed Entertainment

Looking for Cossack themed entertainment? Hire our Cossack dancers for your event - they perform a Cossack dance routine along to their backing track and are also available for 'meet and greet' and 'audience participation' sessions.

Male performers or mixed groups are also available.

Guide price is for 3 dancers for a booking in the Midlands but they are happy to travel.

These girls are the ideal option for Cossack themed entertainment as once you have booked the dancers they can also offer a range of extras when they are not dancing.

These include:

  • Cossack themed 'Meet and Greet' service on stilts (add £95 per stilt walker)
  • Cossack themed 'Living Tables' serving drinks (add £120 per living table)
  • Cossack themed 'Tray Girls' serving drinks or canapés (add £35 per tray girl)
  • Cossack Style 'Fire Performer' (add £120 per fire performer)
  • Life size 'Martini Glass with Cossack Themed Character' serving drinks (add £295 for each glass)
  • Cossack themed 'Living Red Carpet' (add £120 per red carpet)
  • Cossack themed 'Paparazzi' with sound effects of crowds cheering (add £35 per pap)

*Please note these performers are not Russian or Ukrainian - they are part of a professional Dance Company that offers a huge selection of themes with fantastic costumes.

We booked our Cossack dance group for a filming project that was part of the Dubai Expo 2020 promotional video - you can see quick glance of them at 0.42!


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