Hawi - Belly Dancer

Give a wow factor to your event and make it a true Arabian theme by hiring a top quality stage performer from the Middle East! This performer has been performing at high profile events such as Forum in London, Sky TV, TOWIE, Westerwood Hotel; etc …

Performance can be solo and/or in troupes of 3 dancers. The acts can be tailored based on your requirements. The usage of props, change of costumes if necessary and the audience engagement can be part of the acts. 

This Essex belly dancer found her passion for dance at a very young age - coming from the Middle East was the greatest inspiration for her to follow belly dancing where this exotic dance has its roots.

She is a talented, professional belly dance performer, choreographer and teacher. She taught gymnastics and belly dancing in the Middle East and went on to gain gymnastic medals and win the belly dancing star competition.

Her interest in language and culture culminated in her obtaining both BA and MA Linguistics degrees from the University of East Anglia.

She believes dance is a form of language and communication and without a doubt it interacts with culture. It is not just learning the techniques that make you master the dance but understanding the culture would play an important role to dominate the dance floor as well.

She will provides you with a high quality stage performance and gives your guests the ULTIMATE entertainment experience!



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Hawi - Belly Dancer Repertoire

  • Middle Eastern Belly Dance
  • Raks sharghi,
  • sometimes vintage belly dance and
  • in some dances she use props (veil) or may perform with some of her students (in troupe)

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