The Mind Reader - Mind Reader & Magician

This magician and mind reader has been performing his unique style of illusion for over 15 years and has captivated audiences throughout the world. Those who have witnessed his stage show or close up at parties and corporate events have never failed to be astounded by the experience.

His act is perfect for corporate events, banquets, dinners, balls, private parties and weddings and offers your guests a truly unique and memorable experience. Whether you require a Magician for a close up performance at a dinner or drinks reception or a cabaret /stage show he will tailor his act to suit your requirements.

His style of magic is known by the esoteric term of mentalism. Best described as magic of the mind he will stun your guests with a grown up style of magic that will leave even the most cynical with a sense of wonder. Both close up and on stage he will demonstrate the ability to read thoughts, make impossible predictions and move objects with his mind that will give your guests a genuinely spectacular and unforgettable experience.

His act specialises in demonstrating the amazing power of the human thought. Using influence, psychology and deception he will read minds, influence the present, predict the future and, on occasion, will demonstrate feats of psychokineses (moving objects with the mind). It really needs to be seen to be believed. No camera trickery, everything will be performed directly in front of you. Think of an old school friend, he will tell you their name and what they looked like. Draw a picture, open the envelope he will handed you before you started to draw, it's an identical image. Take a coin out of your pocket and watch it bend! All these and more can be witnessed both on stage and in intimate close up performances.

The services that he offers range from small and intimate close up events to performing for thousands at his stage and cabaret show. Each performance is suited to the client’s needs and it can be assured that your guests will be amazed, amused and astonished.

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The Mind Reader - Mind Reader & Magician Feedback

Absolutely Superb. We were stunned. Thank you so much.

Anne Powlesland, Nokia UK,

Thanks so much for entertaining my guests on Sunday. They all thought you were absolutely brilliant. Some assumed I must have briefed you until I described my own experience. Where did you find him was the most asked question of the day. The whole occasion went so well and you made a huge contribution to it’s success

, Harpenden Golf Club

I was seriously Impressed!!

Tony O’Hagan ,Emeritus Professor of Statistics - Glaxo Smith Kline,

Thank you for coming to our summer event yesterday.You played such a vital role bringing groups of people together and amazing us with your talent. Our entire team and all of our clients were thoroughly entertained and we will be forever wondering how on earth you do it!

Louise Young,

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