The Cambridge Minstrels - Medieval Minstrels

This Cambridgeshire Medieval Minstrel Duo have been a members of an established medieval music band for many years and are available for booking as a duo costumed medieval minstrels.

They can play various replicas of medieval instruments including medieval bagpipe, capped shawm, percussion (tabor, nakers etc), reedpipe, citole, crumhorn, 6 hole pipe, dulcimer, xylophone, horn, hornpipe and a 3 hole pipe and tabor, which is a very tricky feat to perform - playing a 3 hole pipe with one hand while striking a small drum with the other.

Suitable events would include festivals, banquets, fetes, carnivals, and medieval themed days, evenings or parties.

He and his fellow minstrel (or minstrels) can perform popular music from 12th to 16th centuries performed upon historically accurate musical instruments and reconstructions of medieval instruments. A speciality is running a medieval "drum circle" for kids (this is where up to about 8 children each get a percussion instrument and play a rhythm along with him, which is great fun).

By appearing in period dress and by playing from memory he aims to take audiences back in time and to bring the music to life either as a "wandering minstrel", moving among the audience or in a more formal setting.

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