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Looking for Bollywood dancers with a difference for your event? 

Breakdancer Boys and Bollywood Babes - Where Bollywood combines with Breakdancing

This package is spectacular, technical, fun and exciting. It fuses together a mixture of Bollywood with Breakdancing! There are traditional female Bollywood dancers and male Breakdancers who dance together. It's working out as a really fantastic thing to offer people as it's never been seen before at events - so it will definitely get all your guests talking!

Performance package: 

We provide two performances (both 10 mins long each). Our performances include a medley of popular Bollywood songs which everyone will recognise, as well as some updated recent chart songs with a Bollywood twist, which are fast-paced, energetic, and really good fun to watch. Our dancers wear beautiful costumes and will change to wear different costumes in each performance. Both performances can be split across the evening to fit with the requirements, or with a short gap in between sets.


We have many dancers who perform this act. Two of the Breakdancers got to the semi-final of Britain's Got Talent in 2011, (great for promoting the event). They were also on the last season of Got to Dance as a double act. Our other male Breakdancers have toured the world showing off their headspins and tricks! 

The female Bollywood dancers have both appeared in many theatre productions in the West End and choreographed and appeared in many TV and Film productions in the UK and abroad. 

So for this act you really are getting the elite who are all experienced performers at the top of their game. 

Three dancers is the minimum this act needs to work, but the client can choose how many dancers they would like to fit with their budget.

They have a huge range of costumes for you to choose from, and use beautiful props in their performances too.

They always add a little bit of sparkle and spice wherever they go!

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The Breakdance & Bollywood Dancers - Dancers Feedback

Absolutely fabulous, full of talent, amazing, and a great blend of our cultures with the Breakdance and Bollywood.

Jamini Panchai,

What great energy and chemistry, looks like you are having so much fun which really made me enjoy watching it.


Never thought Bollywood and Breakdancing could work so well together - you guys were amazing and didn't want it to end.

Rick, KPMG,

The Breakdance & Bollywood Dancers - Dancers Set Up

Workshop add on option:

We also offer dance workshops so that you can get your guests dancing to the beats of Bollywood.

It’s usually a 30min session where one of the dancers will teach all your guests some simple Bollywood moves (with the other dancers helping out), and then everyone will perform this together to a popular Bollywood song. 

It's a really fun way to bring people together at an event, and get everyone in the mood for a party and a good dance! We also bring prizes to hand out to guests.

Cost - £60 total extra for the workshop, and all the dancers join in with it.

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