The Cossack Dancers - Cossack Dancers

This group of Russian Cossack dancers are available for weddings, corporate events, workshops, theatre shows and arts festivals.

They have previously performed at events including the grand opening of EasyJet’s new routes to Moscow, the closing awards ceremony for the Russian Paralympic team as well as corporate events for Gazprom, Pepsi, The British Army and numerous TV appearances.

They can provide a bespoke performance uniquely tailored to suit and compliment your special day and they have lots of experience performing for weddings. They can offer an explosive and energetic Cossack "get-up-and-dance" routines with the guests and the happy couple to more lyrical, classic dancing routines. They guarantee to do everything to make your special day even more special!

Dance Workshops

How would you like to try some of the famous Russian and Ukrainian Cossack dance moves? Grab your guests, children or co-workers and join them in showcasing your hidden “gopak” talent! Flexible Master Class packages available.

Christmas Party Entertainment
What is a better way to celebrate Christmas than to watch Cossack dancers jump, dance and fight it out with swords for your pleasure? They have performed at over 30 Christmas parties ranging in size from small private functions of 50-100 people to over 800 people!

Guide price is for 3 dancers at a London event.

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