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This is a fool of international repute, having performed all over the UK and Europe. He is a regular performer at Hampton Court Palace and has also appeared at the Tower of London, and at – among others – Stirling, Cardiff and Caerphilly Castles. In 2002 and 2012 he was fortunate enough to perform for Her Majesty the Queen as part of her Golden and Diamond Jubilee celebrations. In 2005 he became the official English Heritage National Jester.

He has researched the nature of fooling and the history of the Fool and has devised a character which is as engaging as it is comical. Using the character of the traditional English Fool who ‘hath not so much brains as earwax’ he embodies the very spirit of Folly. Equally at home at a castle, manor house or hotel, he is guaranteed to spread motley mayhem all around.

Capable of a large variety of serious silliness he can perform as a mix and mingle entertainer, or in his own stand alone show, lasting up to forty minutes and culminating in fire eating on stilts. The performance can be staged indoors (with ceiling heights 10 feet and above,) outdoors; or indoors with an outdoor finale if fire is not possible indoors. If necessary the finale can be performed without fire.

He has also made a specialty of banquets and weddings and is happy to provide a bespoke service for clients looking for a traditional medieval banquet or a wedding with something different.

He has also performed at many product launches, corporate events and industry shows and fairs. His service is completely bespoke and accept commissions or special performances as required.


This performer has made a specialty of performing at wedding receptions and breakfasts. He adds a touch of class comedy to any wedding celebration -welcoming guests on arrival, announcing and shepherding photo calls and acting as master of ceremonies during the meal.

As guests arrive he can welcome them, either with a flourish – announcing their arrival with the aid of a fanfare – or in a more discreet fashion with a glass of something special. During photographs he can announce and shepherd people into the appropriate frames and keep those waiting amused with ‘little nothings’, tricks and jests.

Depending on the nature of the Wedding Feast, he can provide entertainment throughout, he can also act as a master of ceremonies, introducing speeches, etc.

Before the meal is served, he organizes an election of the “Lord or Lady of the Misrule” using three candidates among those present. This is done with a heraldic horn and testing ‘who may blow the cleanest note’. This works as an excellent icebreaker and introduces the character and style of the Fool.

He can then perform a number of interludes between courses or around the banquet as appropriate. The emphasis of these is always comic but they are also quite physically impressive, and can include an acrobatic hand balance on a guest, juggling of children, balancing an egg on his nose and the toast of ‘Wassail’.

As the guests enjoy their meal he can also move among them, engaging smaller table-based foolishness. As the meal comes to an end he comes to a finale by eating fire whilst balanced on a pair of stilts. This is normally performed in two parts, rising on the stilts in the banqueting hall or marquee and then taking the whole company outside to see the fire performance.

He is well used to working with couples to plan their day and to provide a ‘bespoke’ service. 

This unique performer has worked regularly at Hampton Court, as well as at the Tower of London and for Her Majesty the Queen. In June 2004, he appeared as Consultant Fool’ in Celebrity Tudor Wedding for Granada, and was crowned English Heritage National Jester. 


He is the perfect entertainment for any mediaeval or Tudor banquet. He is interactive, physical and very funny. He has performed for a large variety of corporate and distinguished clients including The Chinese Ambassador, Sir Cliff Richard’s Kids on Court Charity and AXA Insurance (US) annual awards dinner as well for Her Majesty the Queen as part of her Golden and Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Below is a précis of his performance at such events. He is also well able to work to individual clients’ requirements and is happy to meet with event organizers prior to their event in order to discuss arrangements.

Meeting guests as they arrive he can entertain the guests during a drinks reception and interact with them as dinner is called and they find their seats.

Before the meal is served he organizes an election of the Lord or Lady of the Feast using three candidates among those present. This is done with a heraldic horn and testing ‘who may blow the cleanest note’. This works as an excellent icebreaker and introduces the character and style of the Fool.

Throughout the meal he can act as MC and perform individual spots as required between courses and throughout the rest of the evening he will perform a variety of ‘sets’ between courses. They vary depending on the make up of the guests but include, balancing an egg on his nose, juggling children, performing a hand stand on a guest, various toasts, rules of the table etc. The emphasis of these is always comic but they are also quite physically impressive, including acrobatics, balance and physical dexterity.

As the guests enjoy their meal he can also move among them as appropriate, engaging them is smaller table-based foolishness. As a finale he performs fire eating on stilts. This is normally performed in two parts, rising on the stilts in the banqueting hall and then taking the whole company outside to see the fire performance. 



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The Medieval Fool - Medieval Jester & Fool Feedback

Amazingly talented man who absolutely made our Medieval night a memorable night!

Tony Gill, Plymouth (November 2019)

Find A Performer Ltd and Peter were very helpful all the way through the process. Communication has been brilliant and I have been kept informed at all times. Peter turned up on time and was informative all the way through. Although the weather was not the best and we lacked in members, those that were here enjoyed his act. We talked halfway though and agreed to tone his act down a bit. Those that saw his stilt walking and fire eating were very entertained.

Tara Kendall-Sykes, (June 2019)

The Medieval Fool was excellent from start to finish, and a thoroughly good time was had by all. His manner, running jokes, interaction, absurd behaviour and irreverence were just what we were looking for and superbly delivered. His shows between the banquet courses were hilarious and engaging; he had the room in his hands. I cannot recommend him highly enough! The guests are still talking about his performance in glowing terms.

Peter Miller, (May 2019)

Peterkin the Fool was absolutely amazing really made everyone’s day. Brilliant interaction with everyone young and old. People haven’t stop talking about him, 100% recommend– thank you!

Stephen Knell, Steepleton Manor (October 2018)

The Medieval Fool was fabulous. Had great feedback from people who attended. Talented and presented a hilarious show - people crying with laughter. We have many acts at our club and this was one of, if not the best! Everything went smoothly on the night.

Chris Hill, (April 2018)

He was just so professional, amazingly talented and a joy to work with. I was aware throughout his performance that he was constantly being mindful of the welfare and safety of all around him and the premises in which we were working, whilst monitoring the crowd and handling everything so appropriately. His mix of humour and jollity were perfect for the event, he worked in collaboration with the musicians perfectly and helped us make the party an overwhelming success. Had we not had his services the party would have been an entirely different affair - no where near as much fun to behold or work at, and I fear the men would have found it all rather dull. Working with the musicians, together they managed the mix of history, culture and downright hilarity and japes to perfection allowing us to present the food over the whole evening to perfectly fill the time slot. I sincerely hope we all get the opportunity to work together again. Many thanks for all your help. I’ll know who to approach if I need any assistance with entertainment in the future!

, (May, 2015)

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